Brief Guide to Google AdSense for Beginners

Before getting into the details on how to use Google AdSense it is very important to know what it is all about. Google AdSense is a technologically advanced technique or digital marketing services platform of earning money online.

According to Wikipedia " “Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience.”

AdSense is a media that allows people to put up advertisements on Google sites. Once the advertisement is screened and approved by AdSense, the people posting these ads are allowed to copy script codes and post their ads online. The earnings are made on a number of times their advertisements are clicked on or viewed and is known to be a good source of income.

How to get approved by AdSense?

Publishers have to own a website or domain to post ads through Google AdSense. The second stage of verification by AdSense has made it very clear for publishers to be the owners of the website or domain that is being used for the advertisements, the publishers can only then “after approval” by Google AdSense may post their advertisements on other websites. However, a lot of money need not be spent on creating a domain. A publisher can create a free website and add a self-owned domain name to get through the verification for the use Google AdSense.

What are the types of advertisements that show up?

  • Google will evaluate the content surrounding the add slot and post similar ads
  • Google may also follow visitors from site to site and then run interested ads to get visitors back, this is a paid version of digital marketing services known as retargeting.
  • The advertisers are made to run ads on specifically selected pages, ad slots, and websites.

Common Terminology:

  • CTR is stand for Click Through Rate. It is about how many visitor click on you ad.
  • CPC or Cost Per Click means amount received by publisher when someone click on ad.
  • Visitors: Number of people visited your blog or site.
  • Views: Number of impression blogger for particular blog.

How do you make money from AdSense?

As discussed above AdSense is a platform that is used to put up advertisements online like on YouTube or other Google website like digital marketing services. Unlike other advertisement systems AdSense pays to host advertisements on a publisher’s website. AdSense is a free service and is open to all to sign up making it an easy method to earn money.

There are two ways that are looked at for getting paid while using this advertisement system:

  • The number of clicks the advertisement posted receives and
  • The cost per click of the advertisement

In the CPC style of advertisement vary in value depending on the type of content. Google take a small amount of percentage in every click the advertisement receives which is approximately 36% and the rest is given to the publisher which evaluates to quite a big sum.

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